The Role of Your Criminal Defense Attorney

An arrest or citation is often frustrating and overwhelming. Many people believe they will be found guilty no matter the circumstances of their arrest.

Clear the confusion

The first role of an attorney is to explain the process to you and clear up any confusion you will have. Important deadlines, some fast approaching, must be addressed. You need to know your options, your rights and the possible consequences. Especially with charges such as drunk driving, the consequences can be complex. Administrative license suspension, arraignment and trial can be overwhelming. If you do not understand the process and consequences, you cannot make intelligent decisions.

Investigate the charge

Sometimes you might feel guilty. However, our legal system requires that officers follow specific procedures. You have specific legal rights. Our job is to investigate your arrest or citation and all of the circumstances involved to determine if you have a legal defense. Common questions we investigate include:

  • Did the officer have reasonable articulable suspicion to stop you?
  • Were field sobriety tests properly instructed and evaluated?
  • Did the officer have probable cause to arrest you?
  • Were you properly read your implied consent rights?
  • Do you have a defense to the charge?

These are questions that often only a trained attorney can answer. They depend on complex variables that require time, knowledge and in-depth investigation.


Our job is to represent you in all stages of the court process including arraignment, motion hearings and trial. If your license has been suspended, we represent you at your Administrative License Suspension Hearing. The State has attorneys prosecuting you. You need an attorney as your first line of criminal defense.