What do I do after an arrest of citation?

  1. Call immediately for a free consultation and case evaluation. Your failure to act quickly can have drastic consequences. Time can be of the essence in protecting your legal rights. You need an attorney on your side. The state has attorneys on its side. Misdemeanor criminal statues and laws, especially those for drunk driving, are harsh and constantly changing. The process is confusing and the punishment can be overwhelming. We want to be on your side, fighting for you.
  2. Keep copies of everything the arresting or citing officer gave you. Often in the confusing and overwhelming hours following an arrest, people lose their citation, DDS Form 1205 and other crucial documents the police have given them. Save copies of everything the police give you.
  3. Write a narrative of the events leading up to the arrest or citation. As time passes, you will forget portions of what occurred, often parts that are crucial to your defense. The officer will write an incident report while the events are fresh. You need to do the same with as much detail as possible. Often, especially for DUI, we have clients begin with getting out of bed that morning and the first item put in their mouth. The events of the day can have an impact on your defense.
  4. What other information should I provide my attorney? This is broad but important. Often, a receipt from dinner or a bar can show the number of drinks one consumed or the time the bill was paid as evidence of the time one quit drinking. If you have witnesses or someone who was with you, provide names and contact information. Some clients provide photos to corroborate their version of events. Also, if you are on prescription or over the counter drugs, have medical conditions or an unusual job that leads to exposure to fumes and vapors or excessive fatigue, provide that information. Our job is to evaluate all of the circumstances, not just the arrest.

Call now for a free consultation. Let us be your first line of defense.